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Wolf Pack Strong

Welcome to the Fun Club Page! Here you can browse upcoming activities.

Trinket Trade

A geo-cache adventure for all ages. Find a cache, pick a trinket it to take and leave something of equal or greater value in its place for the next treasure hunter!


This is a geo-cache adventure where you can use GPS coordinates to locate boxes in the area with ink stamps. Collect all six!

My Post (3)

If you love baking, making a mess and having fun then this is for you!

Join the Slack Channel

Parents & Guardians, would you like to connect with each other to discuss life at St. Anthony Park Elementary, ask questions to other families, or just catch up with old friends? Join our Slack Channel.


Thursday, February 25th at 6PM (Virtual). Click to Sign-up.


Join us after-school for an hour of crafting on Tuesday, March 9th at 4pm! Click to Sign-up.

Family Night

Join us for online Pictionary and good conversation with fellow SAP families. Date to be announced.

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